Sunday, 18 January 2015

It's business time

Yes, I know I mentioned this nearly a year ago, but I've now started making and selling electrical kits for bikes on Ebay.
First will be a twin spot light kit containing spotlights, wiring loom (made by me and including a fused relay and handebar switch). I've made a small batch to see how quickly they sell (if at all!), and if they are successful, other kits will follow. These are listed here, but as this will expire, keep an eye of what I've got for sale on my seller's page.


  1. Say Norman, what is the approximate range of your spotlights? Also, what is the draw on the electrical system? I'll ask the same at your FB page and see which one you see first...hehe

    1. Hi Larry, I'm going to reply on both! Both types of lights use standard 55 watt H3 bulbs, so the single spotlight will draw 55 watts (4.6 amps at a nominal 12 volts), and the twin lights will draw 110 watts (9.2 amps).
      I've not worked out the range scientifically, but shining them up my street and onto the side of the building, they seem about as bright as a typical motorcycle headlight. The round lights have a narrow round patter, while the rectangular have a flatter, broader one.