Sunday, 3 May 2015

Friday bike

Further to my previous post about the Malaguti Olympique moped, here's the other end of the spectrum.
 Jawa Mustang

The Jawa Mustang was Czechoslovakian built, and whilst not being anywhere near as good as a Japanese or Italian moped, it was much cheaper.

Lower power that other mopeds, and restricted by only having a 3 speed gearbox, you would think that the importers would have taken the 'pile them high and sell them cheap' approach to marketing. After all, a lot of 16 year olds didn't have much money and would be looking for cheap basic transport.
However, the importers tried to tart the bike up by fitting a race type fairing, finished in 'glitterflake silver', (wooo!) and running pathetic adverts like this.

I remember seeing a few in bike shops at the time, and the fairing was one of the cheapest pieces of brittle plastic I had seen, badly fitted, and the headlight still turned with the steering, so on full lock shone inside the fairing! I never saw one on the road, and have never even heard of one since – no surprise there!

Engine and transmission
Displacement:49.90 ccm (3.04 cubic inches)
Engine type:Single cylinder, two-stroke
Power:4.00 HP (2.9 kW)) @ 6000 RPM
Top speed:70.0 km/h (43.5 mph)
Max RPM:8000
Bore x stroke:38.0 x 44.0 mm (1.5 x 1.7 inches)
Fuel system:Carburettor. Jikov 2917
Fuel control:Port control
Cooling system:Air
Transmission type,
final drive:
Clutch:wet plate
Fuel consumption:3.00 litres/100 km (33.3 km/l or 78.41 mpg)
Greenhouse gases:69.6 CO2 g/km. (CO2 - Carbon dioxide emission)
Exhaust system:single pipe with muffler
Chassis, suspension, brakes and wheels
Frame type:welded steel frame
Front tyre:2,5-16
Rear tyre:2,75-16
Front brakes:Expanding brake (drum brake)
Rear brakes:Expanding brake (drum brake)
Physical measures and capacities
Dry weight:62.0 kg (136.7 pounds)
Power/weight ratio:0.0645 HP/kg
Fuel capacity:8.00 litres (2.11 gallons)
Other specifications
Color options:red, blue, yellow


  1. Yet another one I've never heard of. Thanks for sharing these.

  2. Take a look on the Romet Ogar 200, it was produced in '80 in Poland. Very close construction to the Jawa, different frame, the same engine and carburetor (smoler jet). The Ogar was very popular and cheap. Greetings from Poland.