Sunday, 12 June 2016

Ayr classic show (part 2)

After a couple of weeks of brilliant, sunny weather, it had turned a bit drizzly for the Ayr show. It's only an hour or so's ride from from my house, so I went early on the Skorpion so I could take photos before it got busy.
Lots of British bikes

That's a Mercedes Benz designed engine from a Smart car in a BMW K series frame!

There were stalls outside including this one by a Royal Enfield dealer

Look mr combo, your Dnepr could look this good and be in a show one day!

My favourite bike would be an old Honda twin, wouldn't it!

Loads of cool bikes outside ridden by other visitors.

Saw this little chap on a display by a local owl sanctuary.

Had a great day out and the weather wasn't too bad for the run home. I've posted lots more photos here.

As I was just about to leave, another visitor came over and asked me about my Skorpion. He said that he had bought a non running Sport and asked some advice. We had a good chat for a while and he introduced himself as Bob. When I said my name was Norman, he said 'Are you Norman Wade?' When I said I was, he said 'I've been told you're the guy who knows all about Skorpions'. Looks like my fame (or is it infamy?) proceeds me!

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