Saturday 25 March 2017

Triumph Glasgow opening

Went along to the opening of the new Triumph Glasgow dealership this morning. I was there early (09:00) as I was on my way to work, and there were only a dozen or so visitors.

Very nice building in a convenient location just off the M8 motorway at Hillington.

The showroom wasn't quite finished, but it's a big airy showroom with a floor of Triumphs, an adjoining Ducati dealership, and a café and clothing section upstairs (which I didn't have time to visit).

Lots of really nice bikes outside.

Ducatis are in the other half of the building

Love it! This is basically the latest version of my Bonneville, with similar paint.

Triumph Bobber - how can they build a bike with a 1200cc engine so small? It's tiny!

On the way home from work I passed the dealership on the motorway (about 16:00) and there were a lot more bikes outside.

I'll be there next Saturday as my Bonneville is booked in for a service and to sort out its starting problems (gummed carbs probably).

As their website isn't up yet, here's their address and phone number:


  1. Wow, that is a huge dealership. We don't see them that big over here unless they are Harley dealerships, sigh.

    1. There's also a Honda dealership in Glasgow that's a similar size, and a Harley dealership next to the Triumph one.