Friday, 7 July 2017

More SRZ660 progress

I'd bought a replacement saddle cover some time ago to replace the somewhat tatty, porous and discoloured cover that was on the bike when I got it. I'd tried lining it up and quickly worked out that fitting it to the fairly complex shape of the saddle without folds and creases was beyond my ability, so found a local company who could do it. I took the saddle in and they fitted it perfectly while I waited.

I did a 'test fit' of some of the bodywork (still to be painted) to see how it'll look and am quite pleased with the result.

Yes, even by 90s standards, it's pretty ugly!

The company I went to was Baillie's Car Trimmers in Linwood. they mostly do cars, boats and campervans, but the guy showed me lots of photos of bikes he had done, including lots of classics and one-offs for custom bikes. They also have a Facebook page here.

If I get nice warm weather over the weekend I should get some painting done - at last this is starting to feel like it's on the home stretch!


  1. Hello fellow SZR rider from a fellow in Stonehaven.
    I was wondering if you stick with the standard airbox or "upgraded" to pod filters, and if you did, what did you use and what carb changes did you make?

    1. Hi Gordon, I've left the airbox and filter standard. I know pod filters are attractive as the standard filter and tubes are a pain to fit, but I owned an MZ Skorpion with the same engine for many years, and a lot of owners tried pod filters and found the carbs a nightmare to set up. Norman