Wednesday 31 May 2023

Retirement trip - Day 7

 Went out on the bike on a rather overcast and grey morning, temperature was about 18C. My plan for the day was to ride along the coast and stop at tourist information offices to get details of holiday houses for rent for a friend and her family. The ride through the mountains was spectacular, even on a dull day, but there are very few places you can stop and take a photo.

My friend wanted me to look at towns near the ferry port of Santander, so I stopped in the first one of any size I could find, Cormillas. It was fairly small and had a beach, but not much else. Although it was signposted, I couldn't find the tourist office, so took a couple of photos and headed onwards.

Along the coast all I could find were very small villages and the next town of any size was San Vincente de la Barquera. It's tourist information office was open and they directed me to a nearby 'agency'. However, this was like a British estate agent and they sold or did long term rentals but not holiday lets. I tried two more agencies in the town but they were the same.

Carried on through nice countryside and improving weather until I got to the town of Llanes. This is a really nice town full of interesting buildings, busy streets of bars, cafés and shops, along with an attractive harbour full of leisure boats. I found the tourist information, housed in the wonderful Art Deco former fish market.

Unfortunately, I arrived there at 14:30 and it closed from 14:00 to 16:00. However, the sign outside said they could offer accommodation (sign was in a number of languages) so I decided to walk around town until it opened. During my walk I met an Australian Couple in a supermarket who had flown to France, hired a bike, and were touring Europe for 3 months.

Lots of interesting buildings around Llanes.

I headed back to Potes along a lot of route I had ridden this morning, so the route is a 'T' shape. The sun had come out and it was a very comfortable 25C. Managed to stop on the route to take some photos.

Approximate route I took.

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  1. Nice photos I’ve very jealous 😀