Sunday 13 November 2011

Cartoon character

If you didn't grow up in Glasgow, then you won't get this one!
I bought a packet of tubs of yoghurt and was amused to see this flavour.

When I was a child, it was normal for working class women called Agnes to have their name reversed and be called 'Senga'. So 'Senga Strawberry' sound like a Glaswegian cartoon character.
The strange pronunciations of names in Glasgow once led to a bizarre misunderstanding. It's also common for men called Hugh to have their name pronounced 'Shug' or 'Shooey'. At once place I worked, a 'Shooey' phoned and left a message for a workmate. This would not have been a problem had the phone call not been taken by a Frenchman. He came up to me later and, looking confused, said that he's taken a phone call from someone called 'Sewage'!


  1. Never been to Glasgow, but back in the seventies when I worked as a motorcycle mechanic at a shop in Folsom-California,our shop foreman had the strangest habit of calling people and bikes with reversed versions of their names. He liked to be called Mit instead of Tim, and he always referred to Honda as Adnoh....and so on. Hadn't thought about that in years. Another guy there insisted on giving everybody nick-names. That's when I became known as Hairy-Larry because of my long pony-tail. Mit, or Tim had one of the nicest '59 Triumph Bonnevilles around. His had the first 5 speed conversion I'd ever seen. He ran a disc brake front end from a 450 Honda.It wasn't a over the top custom like so many you see today, it still had a classic look to it. It had a lot of upgrades and touches that made it safer and more reliable.Actually my long term pre-unit project will hopefully someday be built along those lines.

  2. 'Senga'no heard that name for a long time Big Man.... ;-)