Sunday 13 November 2011

Paisley Artists

Yesterday I attended the opening of the annual show by a local art club, Paisley Artists. My wife, Kathleen, had been a member of the club for many years, and had served as its President. She had always been very enthusiastic and active in the club until her health started to decline. I was very pleased to be asked by the club to display a couple of Kathleen's pictures at this year's exhibition.

There was very limited space in the gallery, so they could only display some of her smaller paintings, and they placed a very nice dedication to her between them.

Many of the club members took time to speak to me, and it was heartening to know how fond they were of her and how much she had been missed.
The exhibition is on until the 17th of December at Paisley Museum and Art Galleries, and well worth a visit if you're passing.


  1. Despite the upsetting time you had there Norman it´s very heartening to see how affectionately everybody remembers Kathleen and her beautiful work. I haven´t seen the painting on the right before and wonder who was the model for the portrait. It´s very hard to see tributes to Kathleen since she left us so soon but it´s good that her work is still on display.

  2. I'm not sure who the model was. It could have been a member of her other art club or possibly she just saw a picture in a book or magazine that she liked. She once did a painting based on a photo of a girl in a mail order catalogue. She just liked the photo and thought it would make a good painting.