Friday, 30 March 2012

Dry Duffel Bag

Here's something that I've bought in the past, and is well worth the money.

44 litres 'Dry Duffel Bag' from Aldi. Basically a bag of reasonably thick PVC type material, with welded seams, and a roll top with snap connector. No better or worse than the 'brand name' examples sold in bike shops, but at £7.99 (in the UK), a bit cheaper. Handy for packing you luggage and strapping onto your bike. Reasonably well made and completely waterproof.
Available from  Sunday 1st April. link


  1. Cheers Norman

    Bought one today, a yellow one for a bit more visibility even though it'll show the dirt more.I have a black one which I use at present but for that price it's a bargain.


  2. I bought 2 a couple of years ago when they had them on sale. Still haven't found a use for them, but at that price 'they'll come in handy' - i.e. they'll lie in the garage unused for years!
    As for getting dirty, they look robust enough to just put in the washing machine.

  3. I've got kayak bags I can use that are similar. Also have smaller light-weight nylon ones designed for back-packing. Can't think of the brand name just now, but they are handy for protecting gear from moisture. They are not very expensive.Bought mine at REI. Not sure if REI has stores overseas...

  4. Did a quick search of the REI site. They are called 'Sea to Summit Ultra-sil dry sacks. They are great for stuffing in a pocket or pack that might otherwise not be weather-proof. When they are empty, they pack down pretty small.

  5. I used to take loads of t-shirts etc. to rallies in a dry-sack when I was MZ club regalia/merchandise bloke years ago.
    I never had any problems, and I rode through some horrendous downpours. In fact, there were times when I wished that I could be inside one of the bloody things myself!