Friday, 16 March 2012

Friday bike

Now here's a novelty - an American bike that isn't a big V twin custom.

This is the Motus Motorcycles MST, a 1645cc (100 cubic inches) pushrod V four, 'sports touring' bike, built by Motus.
I can see why Motus have built this bike - it's a 'sport tourer' built in a big open country where the choice for touring riders is either a Harley Davidson or a 'foreign' bike like a BMW or a Goldwing. The pushrod V engine is familiar to anyone who's worked on an American V8, whilst the top quality suspension and braking is far superior to anything fitted by H-D.
Their website has lots of impressive photos and videos of the bike, but the main sticking point I can see (other than it being built by an unknown company), is the $30,000 price tag. That's an awful lot more expensive than it's competitors with their established dealer networks and known products.
The bike is supposed to be on the market 'soon', so good luck to them. I can't see it being an easy bike to sell in any numbers, but if it's good enough and they pitch it well, it might attract the niche market buyer looking for something different.
Here's one of the numerous videos from their website.

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  1. Looks like they have come a ways since the first prototypes. Sounds real nice. Like you say, the price of a really nice car.