Friday, 31 August 2012

Friday bike

This week's bike is one that I'd forgotten about, but was featured in a lot of magazines in the 70s, and I once saw one in a museum.
The Silk 700S was basically a modernised Scott engine in a Spondon race based frame. Very expensive and rare, only 148 were built and one has come up on British Ebay less that 100 miles from my house (No, I'm not thinking of buying it!)
Some pictures found on the Web:

And this is the bike on Ebay:

As you can see, it in 'mid restoration' but seems to be mostly there. Ebay listing: here, and there's a gallery of photos of the restoration so far.

Some articles on the Silk, here, here, and here.

If anyone reading this buys the one on Ebay, let us know.


  1. Years ago when I was selling stuff on behalf of the MZ Riders Club I sold a whole batch of chain gaiters meant for the MZ ETS250 Trophy Sport to the Scott Owners Club as they were supposed to be the same as the ones used on the Silk. I eventually got a nice letter from one Silk owner who was ecstatic at being able to replace the tatty oold gaiters on his bike. Not only did they fit, but the part nos. on the old ones were the same as the ones I had supplied.
    It's a funny old world!

    1. I thought they looked familiar!