Tuesday, 5 November 2013

I've got a roller too

Built the CL350 up to a rolling chassis last night, then read that Larry had just done the same with his project Honda - spooky or what?
I wheeled the bike out tonight to take some photos, it was dark so had to use the peanut sized flash on the camera, but it doesn't look too bad.

I placed the tank, saddle and rear mudguard on to give you more of an idea of how it will look.

Most of the recent work has been on the wheels. They were reasonably OK when I got the bike, but when I got the tyres off (oversized Continental rear, original 1972 Yokohama front), the insides of the rims were a bit rusty. I cleaned them up with a wire brush, treated the rust with Kurust, then gave them a coat of silverpaint and new rim tapes. Both wheels needed trued and the spokes tightened, so that was trusted to a local shop.
New SKF bearings, EBC brakeshoes, Continental inner tubes, and Barum tyres were fitted. I could have used cheaper Chinese parts, but there are some things you don't skimp on!
I'm particularly pleased with the Barum tyres as these were actually cheaper than so called 'budget' tyres from the Far East. I've had some scary moments on these in the past but the Barums are made in the EU (Czech Republic), so will be made to some sort of recognisable standard (unlike the Far Eastern tyres). Barum seem to be very popular with the classic brigade, and have the right 'look' for a bike of this period.

I also gave the brake plates a coat of paint and replaced any scruffy looking nuts and bolts.

This is just a 'dry fit' to see how everything will go together, but I'm pretty pleased with it so far. Hopefully I'll get some more work done before the evenings get too cold to work in the garage!

Talking of Larry and I doing similar work on our bikes on the same day, is this coincidence or synchronicity? I've read explanations of sychronicity, but couldn't make head nor tale of them! - Good album by the Police, though!


  1. Ok, everyone...synchronize your three-fifties. Looking good Norman.
    For anyone interested in 350 Hondas....now is a good point to see the differences between the frames of a CL and a '71 on SL. The first couple of years of the SL had frames very much like yours with the addition of a rear loop added and probably some differences. n seat mounting brackets and the like. I got my motor back in last night....yeah keep going.

  2. Well done Norman, keep the momentum going! Its never too cold to work in the garage, just get a nice UV heater installed :-)

  3. Not tempted to go for a blue/white paint job, Norm? Very cool.

  4. Good to see you working on the CL, when do you plan to have it on the road?