Friday 21 March 2014

Friday bike

How about a twin BSA A7 powered outfit with an 'add on' electric starter? This was listed on Ebay but the auction ended today.

Listing details:

This historic bike was  built by persons unknow in 1969. 

First documented  (next door to the 007 Bond 'rocket firing' BSA Lightning) in Bacon's    "Book of the BSA twins & triples" .  The bike's construction (from 2  x A7SS engines slung in an elongated frame)  remains something of  a mystery.

I have done some significant but discreet renovation work in order to bring the bike into good running order, with historic tax, MOT exempt, and on the road as an outfit.

The old Garrard chair body  was passed on to me with a decent old leather jacket .   I have fitted a propstand rear chain driven starter motor and sorted out the primary drive chain tensioning between the engines;   I also rebuilt the mags and put a Linslay 12 volt conversion to a reconditioned standard A10 dynamo , so that a car battery is fitted in the sidecar boot for the starter motor.  That's if  if you can't kick start it for one reason or another.  She goes well and ticks over nicely.

The bike was built and subsequently registered in '69 with a standard buff green log book, which I have.    The registration number is 710BRB;   My daughter tells me it could be worth more than you think.   Anyway its the original registration number,  on the  original log book & current V5.

Roger Sharman of Cake street Classics found this bike at a show, and I swapped it with him for a number of part built bikes and motorcycle parts.   You can see from some of the photos, the bike must have been laid up in a shed for years.

I  like to swap bikes around,  so here it is.  You won't find another one like it.  If you want a swap or a part exchange, give me a ring.  Especially if you've got a Vincent Comet,  or a bigger vincent or norvin in need of work.  

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