Sunday 16 March 2014

Friday bike

One of these went past me in the street and I thought it looked so cool that I had to search for it on the Web.


I really liked the flat tracker/street scrambler look, but am a bit disappointed as I thought from the tank badge it was a Yamaha.

Imagine if this was built by someone not based in China and had an engine of about 250 - 400cc - that would be really cool!

If anyone's interested , there are a couple of sellers in the UK offering the bike at around £1500.  one two.

Technical stuff::


  1. its an exact cheapo replica copy of a honda FTR 223cc...but aint nowhere near as bomb proof as the original jap ones.....chrck it out. i have one and it kicks ass cos i tweaked it and slightly customozed it and so now everyone looks at it and tells me how cool it is, but what is it,,,i just tell them its a motorbike from another realm

  2. im english BTW, living in vietnam. there are shitloads of honda FTR's in neighboring cambodia. since vietnam no one is allowed to import anything second hand en masse, anyone who wants something other than a 100% new piece of shit from china has to go over the border to cambodia and buy one for about 2 grand US and then it gets stripped down and smuggled into vietnam via the mekong river, then you pay to have it put back together again and get false papers made and a relevant license plate. thats how i got mine. you could get one sent to scotland legally no need to mess about stripping it down but i got no idea what the shipping cost or import duty would be. ..just thought i would tell you cos its possible to get one but might run into a fair old sack of gold sovereigns to do so.

  3. Hi I was looking at fixing up an old one of these that is in a bit of a state. Can anyone help me in finding parts such as the battery and exhaust as when I search it on the internet I can't find the correct bike model.
    Many thanks