Friday, 23 May 2014

Friday bike

Here's another rarity.
Barron 125

This rare beast was built by a British company called Barron Eurotrade. Approx. 120 bikes were built between 1976 and 1981, and I can still remember the adverts in the magazines.
It was a strange mixture of parts - Polish built WSK 125 frame and cycle parts, Italian Motori Minarelli engine, and British MP (Metal Profiles) forks, and the side panels featured the flags of the supplying countries.

I never saw one when they were available, but about 5 - 10 years ago I was working in the Highlands and stopped at a petrol station. After buying fuel I used their toilet round the back of the shop. In the rear yard there was a selection of rusting wrecked cars and against the wall, half covered by old wheels and scrap metal, was the remains of a Barron!
Found this video of one running.


  1. Hello
    Do you know who owns this Red Barron? I am looking for information about Barron because I renew that.

    1. Sorry, I do not know who owns it. I found the pictures on the Web here:

  2. Hi Norman,
    Have you maybe e-mail address to owner this website ?

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