Sunday, 17 May 2015

Friday bike update

After I'd posted last week's Friday bike, the Yamaha AG200, I got an e-mail from Bob McGrath in Australia with some photos he'd taken when on a run of a farmer (and his dog) on an AG 200, showing how thay are used over there.

Many thanks to Bob for sending the photos. The Ambassador looks very interesting, what other bikes were you on?

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  1. Nice looking bike. When I bought my first bike a 1969 Honda CL 175K3...I remember seeing a pic in Cycle magazine of a 'Sheep herder' model sold down under. It had more deeply valenced fenders (ok...mud gaurds...), an enclosed chain gaurd, a nice rack for the dog, and a shorter more cushioned saddle. I remember thinking I would have preferred that version if they had sold it in the States.