Friday, 16 October 2015

Friday bike

Another rarity! The 1928 Ascot-Pullin 500 was an unusual bike in that it had a number of features rare on British bikes of the era.

It featured a pressed steel frame, a flat single engine, and a telescoping centre stand with 'park' and 'wheel change' positions.

It also had a dashboard like a Majestic and there was more of a hint of Art Deco about its styling.

There was an optional adjustable height windscreen with wiper!

However, its real claim to fame was that it was the first bike to be fitted with hydraulic brakes. (Note hose behind chain cover.)
It's thought that 400 – 500 were built and only 6 or 7 still exist. A restored example sold for £30,000 a few years ago, so keep looking in barns!

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