Monday, 4 July 2016

Friday bike

Some time ago I featured the rather ugly Ossa Urbe as a Friday bike and mentioned it was based on the much better looking Copa Formula 3. Being built in Spain and never officially imported into the UK, I haven't seen one. However, one is on British Ebay at the moment.

This particular example has been tuned, but the standard 250cc engine was powerful to propel the bike to a claimed 160 Km/h (c. 100 mph).

This bike is listed here at a 'Buy it now' price of £4000. When you look at the price bikes like Yamaha RD250, Suzuki X7, and Kawasaki KH250 command this doesn't look too bad. And you're unlikely to see another one!

(Anyone else spot that in the top picture the front tyre is fitted the wrong way round!!!)

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