Monday, 26 September 2016

Scooter update

Sorry for being a bit quiet recently but I've not been able to access the Internet from my computer at home. Turned out it was a poor connection inside a cable, now replaced and I'm back on line.

Just a quick update about how I'm getting on with my scooter. I've been riding to work each day for two weeks now and it's been a hoot! It's very easy to ride, has more than enough power for riding in traffic, and some days I've commuted faster than I did on the Skorpion due to it being so much easier to filter between lanes due to it being light, narrow and the automatic clutch means you can concentrate more on the traffic.

After I'd used a full tank of fuel I thought I'd work out the consumption. Poor photos taken on my phone, but you get the idea.

After a week's commuting, the scooter had covered 132.8 miles and used 5.35 litres. That works out at: 113 mpg = 94 mpUSg = 2.5l/100km! A lot less than the Skorpion, and about a quarter of what the car would consume. Looks like a worthwhile purchase.


  1. Norman! Is this a maths test? Well, it´s too hard. And as a nervous driver all that scooting in and out makes me ... nervous! But I´m happy your new scooter is working out so well even if I don´t know the brand or the mechanics or the colour! What colour is it?

  2. It´s Mo, of course!

  3. Hi Mo, Don't worry about the maths, it's just a way of saying to my wide and varied readership around the globe that it doesn't use much petrol. As for the brand - Honda, the mechanics - you don't really want to know that, and the colour is a sort of metallic dark grey, gunmetal perhaps.
    I'm really enjoying it and it (almost) makes commuting to work a pleasure!
    I'll take you for a run on it next time you're over - remember, scream if you want to go faster!

  4. Pretty cheap to run that back and forth to work. Between that and ease of filtering you'll want to ride it more.