Sunday 11 September 2011

Hillclimb video

Video from the hillclimb shot by my brother Stuart. You can see the tracks a little bit slippery! Wouldn't like to try that on a bike!


  1. I might try it on a bike...with a sidecar attached to it.

  2. Y'all have to realise here that I don't drive a car, but I have ridden bikes on the rough; so I may be posting in ignorance ............ seem to hear distant cries of 'yeah, so what's new'.

    I'm guessing that being so old that they're rear wheel drive; off road on a bike you point the front wheel in the direction you hope to go and then get as much power on as possible. Because of the surface the rear wheel is constantly loosing traction/sliding and you control it by dragging your leg and/or easing off on the throttle. To me it seems that's what they're doing.

    Maybe not dragging the leg tho'.