Sunday 11 September 2011

Just for Larry

What did I get through Facebook today? Some pictures of an Irish Army Sanglas 400.

Came from this website. That's one advantage of having a Facebook account - 'like' a page like this and they send you lots of good motorcycle photos.


  1. Its got a bit of an East European look to it I think, quite nice, There was also another Sanglas 400, that came about after Yamaha became involved with the company, it had the XS400 (XS360 in the US) twin motor, it just looked like the tarted up 500. That model ran till Yamaha pulled the plug on Sanglas

  2. If you squint it looks a bit like an MZ TS250 with a CZ 250 petrol tank. Nicely proportioned and very functional looking.
    If they'd been on sale in the UK, at a reasonable price, and were reasonably good, you could have imagined them appealing to the MZ/CZ/Jawa crowd. You could just see one with panniers and camping gear strapped on the back, blatting across the countryside.

  3. Yeah, looks more related to an MZ than a Bultaco.
    Someone in the Irish Army must have liked them. I like the looks of this one.
    Managed to add a "Blogs I follow" at my blog and see things have caught up. Now let's see if I can post this. Failed three times on another computer...maybe this time.

  4. I was at a rally a few years ago and there was a very similar machine there. It too was green and chrome, but I think it was a 1970s model. Well, it said something about 'disco' on the sidepanel, so I assume that it came from the era of flares, medallions and Saturday Night Fever. I'll forwad the pictures and you can judge for yourself.