Thursday 6 October 2011

Chamonix 2008

I found some photos that I thought I'd lost when my 'backup' hard drive failed. Luckily I'd also saved them onto a CD. They are from a trip a group of us went on to Chamonix in the French Alps in 2008.
In keeping with the theme of this blog, it's worth noting that 3 of us went on singles - mr. combo and I on Skorpions, and Tony on his MZ TS250/1, which doesn't appear in any of my photos for some reason, so here's one that Ronnie took:

Hope you enjoy them!

Alps Trip 2008


  1. Cheers Uncle Norrie!

    Looks like a great area. I was less than a 100 miles away from there back in July '11 - based in Gap. I could only manage 1500m, but as someone who lives next to the sea, that's high.