Friday 28 October 2011

Lee Hartung Collection

Found this on YouTube. A number of bits of video from what I presume is a US television programme. Lee Hartung collected bikes, cars and all sorts of other stuff, and after his death his collection was taken out of his shed to see what he had. First part of the series is:

Follow the links at the side for the following videos. I've only looked at a few, and there's loads of interesting and rare bikes. Oh, the long winter nights will fly past!


  1. Meant to say - you'll have to click on the 'watch on YouTube' button to see the links at the side.

  2. I've seen a few of the vids...what a time capsule! Imagine that will be quite an auction.

  3. Catalogue for the auction:

    Lots of interesting stuff there, lets hope it doesn't all end up in private collections and is never seen again.