Saturday, 3 December 2011

Friday bike

Yes, it's Saturday again, but my computer can't connect to the Internet for some reason, so I've had to use a laptop which can connect via my neighbour's very slow wi-fi connection.
This week's bike is another rarety, the BFG 1300. What is it, you ask - it's French built touring bike that used the Citroen GS flat four car engine.
Between 1982 and 1988, about 650 bikes were built, mostly destined for government agencies. I think this was a political decision so that government agencies weren't seen to be riding foreign bikes, a bit like British Police forces using Norton Rotaries.
BFG in Gendamerie colours

Police version

Also found a picture of one with the bodywork removed, showing the tubular frame.

I've no idea what they were like, or how many are still on the road, but enought to support a club.
After BFG collapsed, Louis Boccardo (the 'B' in BFG), lauched the Boccardo motorcycle which used the Citroen AX/Peugeot 205 engine, but that's another 'Friday bike' for the future!


  1. Makes me think of an 'Amazonas' I believe it was called. Built in South America using VW engines and other parts...? A friend of mine used to talk about them all the time.Sidecar equipped, with a frame that was integral to the bike and sidecar...not a removable unit. I'll have to google it.

  2. Saw a solo Amazonas at a bike show once. Don't think any were ever officially imported into the UK. Seen a few car engined bikes over the years, but almost all looked terrible. (Could be a new thread starting.......) Amazonas website here: