Sunday, 27 August 2017

More time in the garage

Had a busy weekend in the garage and have my Yamaha SZR 660 'restoration project' nearly finished. It's only taken me about 4 years, and the previous owner had 'abandoned' it in a shed for another 4 years before I bought it, so it's been a long time since it's been on the road.

It just need a bit of 'finishing', a polish, some badges and an MOT (British safety check) and it'll be back on the road. I don't intend on keeping it, (handlebars far too low for me), so it'll be up for sale soon.

The SZR 660 is a fairly rare bike, built in Italy and as far as I know, not sold outside of Europe. It consisted of a XTZ 660 engine in a frame based on the TZR 250. It had an output of 48 bhp which with its 159kg kerb weight, gave a nice sporting package. Built from 1996 to 2001, it sold in very low numbers due to very high price and ugly styling even by 90s standards. It has high quality wheels, brakes and suspension (Brembo and Paioli) and the lowest saddle height (690mm) of any bike I've had - it also taught me never to buy a bike without a centre stand again! Even simple jobs become a hassle.

It's been an interesting project, but it's not really  a bike for me.

I also repaired a mobile generator.

It had been left on my driveway by a friend, and they told me that it backfired and spluttered, but wouldn't start. I cleaned out the carb (dirt in the fuel is a common problem with these as they're used outdoors in dirty conditions), but everything seemed OK. I didn't have a plug spanner small enough to take the spark plug out, but could check that the ignition was firing.
There was a sticker on the side saying that it was fitted with a system that if the oil level was low, the engine would cut out. I checked and the oil didn't even get onto the dipstick! Oil topped up and it started with no problem. Wolf obviously know that typical owners never check the oil before the engine seizes - can think of some people who have done that with bikes!!!!!

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