Sunday, 27 August 2017

Distinguished Gentleman's Ride 2017 update

Further to my last post about the Distinguished Gentleman's Ride, it's now only 4 weeks to go and there are 25,000 riders booked in world wide, and US$1.1 million has been raised towards the US$5 million target.

There are 87 riders booked for the Glasgow ride so far, so we should have a good turnout. We are going to have a 45 minute stop at George Square for photos and so the public can see the bikes (and riders!) After that we ride on to an event at Triumph Glasgow's showroom at Hillington. If you're in the area, please come along and support the event.

One aspect to the DGR that I disagree with is the so called 'style guide', which lists the types of bikes welcome. I thought this was about people dressing up and raising money for charity, rather than restricting it to certain types of bike. Especially when some of the styles - bobbers, brat style, etc - are likely to be as transient a fashion style as the hipsters who ride them. Why not open it up to every style of bike and scooter? But it's not my ride, so I don't make the rules.

However, the style guide would allow in old Eastern European bikes. Back in my MZ 2 stroke days this would have been the sort of thing we would have jumped at, so come on MZers, Jawa/CZ riders, and those of you with old Soviet bikes - sign up and outnumber the hipsters! We want more bikes like this!

And what about you Royal Enfield riders? Let's see you there!

I'll probably post again before the event, don't forget to donate on my page.

(Thanks to Stuart Anderson for his recent donation).

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