Saturday 18 February 2012

Road signs

A collection of road signs depicting motorcycles collected from the Web. Don't know where most of them are from, if you know, contact me and I'll update the captions.

No. 1:  UK 'no motor vehicles' sign.

No. 2:  Somewhere British influenced, Hong Kong perhaps?

No. 3:  I think mr. combo posted something similar that he'd seen in New Zealand.

No. 4:  'No riding your girder forked bike with your scarf billowing out behind'

No. 5:

No. 6:

No. 7:

No. 8:

No. 9:

No. 10:  Vietnam (thanks Bodger!)

No. 11:

No. 12:

No. 13:  Straight to the point!

No. 14: 'Albtraum strasse' = 'Nightmare Road'

No. 15: Spain. Warning not to ride too close to the vehicle in front. Love the eyes!

No. 16:  Who wouldn't like that address?



  1. No. 10, not Downing Street, the one with the blue signs is from Vietnam. Land of several 1000 Honda step-thrus.

  2. No. 12, also looks like Spain. It's painted on the road at the traffic lights so that bikes have priority.