Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Wednesday bike

I can't wait until Friday, and as it's on Ebay, you might want to think about bidding.
The shop I bought my CL 350 from imports a lot of bikes from the US, and has this err, 'unique' bike on sale at the moment.

A Kawasaki 750 MachIV, with what look like Suzuki GS wheels, and some 'unusual' bodywork. Even the listing refers to it as the 'ugliest bike in the world'.
So if you want a distinctive bike that'll stand out in a crowd, all you have to do is bid!


  1. "all you have to do is bid!".....WHY?

    My 441 in it's not-put-togetherness is pretty ugly right now an dstill looks loads better than that!

  2. You could buy the bike, then assemble a kayak or bobsled from the fiberglass bits...or a sidecar body..? does look pretty 70's homespun.

  3. A motorcycle for aardvarks?


    1. I was thinking Anteater but Aardvark sounds much better.

  4. I was thinking that you could carry luggage in the nose piece and it would help stop wheelies!