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Friday, 2 April 2021

Triumph Bonneville suspension improvements - update

 Since my previous post on the subject, I've managed to take the bike out for a ride to see how the uprated fork springs feel.
There's been a relaxing of Covid-19 restrictions so we can now travel within our local authority area, so had a trip round the backroads of Renfrewshire. (Nearly was a real rebel and crossed into Inverclyde!)

The front forks of the bike feel a LOT better - more comfortable over bumps, less diving under braking  and the whole bike feels more stable on the road. Well worth the money and yet another example of one of the things Triumph should have got right when building the bike!

On my route I passed a local Landmark, the Clochoderick Stone.

(Photo taken on my cheap phone with a grubby lens)

The stone is probably a large boulder left behind by a glacier a couple of million years ago, but that hasn't stopped people making up stories about it. The name might mean 'Stone of Ryderch, or Roderick, where the person in question was a local chieftain, king, druid, pagan etc, etc; and it might have been a place of worship, governance, dispensing of justice, etc etc. Truth is, nobody knows, so you can feel free to make up your own story.  The plaque next to the stone tells one story and there's another here.

The fork spring upgrade was well worth doing and is another step on the incremental path of improving the bike and making it more suitable for my needs. I've nearly done all the improvements I think it needs at the moment, but you know how it is, you never stop tweaking with them!

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