Saturday, 14 November 2015

Friday bike

Sorry for being a bit quiet recently. No real reason, I just didn't get round to writing anything.

Triumph T120

This week's Friday bike is the newly announced Triumph T120. Triumph have replaced the existing Bonneville and variant models with a range of bikes with new water cooled engines in 900cc and 1200cc versions. The first 900cc model is to be called the Street Twin, and four 1200cc models have been announced – T120, T120 Black, Thruxton and Thruxton R.

I really like the T120, Triumph have managed to build a modern bike with ABS, traction control, and engine management whilst maintaining a 'traditional' look. Note how the fuel injectors look like old Amal Monobloc carbs!

Old and new

Not much technical detail or idea of price yet other than peak torque is 105 Nm at 3100 rpm, which should make the T120 a lot of fun to ride. A big lazy 1200cc engine would make for a very relaxed tourer, you could imagine how good this would be going over Alpine passes.

T120 and T120 Black

The Thruxton is a 'sportier' version, and the 'R' version has uprated suspension and brakes.

Triumph website.

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  1. Interesting...water cooled, and looks even more "Classic" than the previous ones. I like the shape of the left side primary cover that emulates the late 60's. oh, that new Thruxton looks just right.