Friday 7 September 2012

Car show

Found some photos I'd taken at a car show at National Museum of Rural Life in East Kilbride in April, 2010.

Ford Zephyr 4, Mark 3. My Dad had one of these.

Morris Marinas - phwoar!


  1. Yes Norman - the family Ford Zephyr that you killed by driving it with no water in the engine while I was in the middle of fixing it.

  2. It’s always an honor to see such cars. They make you realize how much cars have changed over the years. The amenities we have in cars today – GPS guided mapping, hands-free Bluetooth technology, voice activation, airbags – none of these were present in cars before. Does the museum organize a car show every year? I think it is still more overwhelming to see classic cars out on the streets than inside buildings. It’s good to do that once in a while. ;)