Saturday, 29 September 2012

Don't look, classic cars fans!!

Back in the 70s, old cars were just that - old cars. Not 'classics', 'appreciating investments', or and other such rubbish. They were worth nothing and nobody wanted them.  So the only thing to do with them was race them round a track bashing into each other, and hope that your car survived to the end. I remember watching this as a teenager on 'World of Sport with Dickie Davis', and if you watch this clip to the end, you'll see Dickie himself. He was very popular with 'women of a certain age' - must have been the moustache and bouffant hair. Perhaps I should adopt that look!

Just to underline how little people cared about old cars in those days, even by the mid 80s they could have a race just for Jaguars.

Of course, the spectators wanted to get in on the act, so they let them race their own cars on the track. They didn't need helmets or roll cages, and you'd need the windows for the drive home - what could possibly go wrong?

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