Thursday, 27 September 2012


To show I'm not biased against scooters, I found this programme originally shown on Channel4 in the 90s about the rise of the scooter. It shows how the scooter was developed separately by Piaggio and Innocenti, using differing engineering approaches, but both ended up with similar products. It also shows how deeply ingrained scooters were in Italian society, and how they outsold cars at one time.
This reminded me of a former boss I worked for in the late 70s/early 80s. When he saw I had a motorbike, he mentioned that he had once owned a scooter and had gone on his honeymoon on it. Judging by his age this would have been in the early 60s, and where did they go? How about camping in Greece! Just imagine riding from Scotland to Greece on a scooter, with a pillion, carrying heavy 60s camping gear, on 60s roads! They must have been in love!!

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  1. All the cool guys ride scooters -